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Starting Afresh…

So I decided I’d jumped a little ahead of myself in opting to take on my first blogging experience to join in on the rest of the “#oneadayers” and posting something everyday… Alas, I have failed miserably… 😦 Unfortunately (or … Continue reading

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#oneaday, Day 12: You Snooze, You Lose…?

I was finally able to make it to work today… Even though I’m not 100% better, I felt it was worth a try… And boy, did I try! My alarm is usually set well in advance (couple of days…), and … Continue reading

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#oneaday, Days 9-10: Ill… Home… Idle… COLD!!!

I was a little too ill to write/type anything yesterday… So I’m compensating, and writing both for yesterday and today…  I’m not one to get ill, normally, but when the odd bug strikes, I am practically incapacitated! I come down … Continue reading

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#oneaday, Day 8: Out of my Blogging League…

I still can’t decide just what theme to stick with on this blog… So I  will continue to write about anything and everything until I can get the hang of blogging… And editing my blog as well… I pretty much thought … Continue reading

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#oneaday, Day 7: Day 7…

It’s now been seven days since I started this blog, and so far my updates are on schedule… An entry every day. This whole blogging thing is new to me, I still have yet to update my info’, “dashboard”(???), and whatnot. … Continue reading

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There are very few times when you can say for certain that you are loved… This is one of them for me…. After having had a rough couple of days, I was pleasantly surprised when my one new friend showed … Continue reading

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#oneaday, Day 6: War of the Ants…

Evidently I did not have any impact on the ants despite my killing spree last night… Alas, I awoke this morning to find the darned things had regrouped, and relaunched their attack on my poor towel. I honestly would’ve thought that … Continue reading

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