#oneaday, Day 7: Day 7…

It’s now been seven days since I started this blog, and so far my updates are on schedule… An entry every day. This whole blogging thing is new to me, I still have yet to update my info’, “dashboard”(???), and whatnot. I’m certain I’ll get the hang of it though…

Today was one of those “easy Sundays” for me… Wake up late, large mug of beverage (usually tea, coffee today), and chill in front of the TV catching reruns of The Amazing Race. I must say this is one challenging and entertaining game. And the eventual winners are truly deserving of their prize…

I also did a little bit of cooking, since the maid is away for a couple of days… It was surprisingly quick; while I’m reasonably good at it, I’d rather be eating than volunteer my time to cooking… My mother thinks it’s odd, and wonders how I will take care of my own family when I have one… I’ll probably just let them all starve! 😉

I ended up watching Land of the Lost , which is a really silly movie by Will Farrell (which one isn’t?) where he enters another dimension of the world… or something like that :-/ … I wasn’t paying much attention to it at first, but it was showing, and his constant laughing made me curious about it… So joined in.. It was silly, true, but SO funny! Twas a hilarious way to end my “easy Sunday” 🙂


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