#oneaday, Days 9-10: Ill… Home… Idle… COLD!!!

I was a little too ill to write/type anything yesterday… So I’m compensating, and writing both for yesterday and today…

 I’m not one to get ill, normally, but when the odd bug strikes, I am practically incapacitated! I come down with a fever, get bed-ridden, whine and complain about everything, because I feel sore all over, and just basically wish I were dead! It usually turns out to be a cold…

I’m feeling much better now (if anyone asks!) , though I can’t help but wonder about this; I’ve been through what I believe might be worse; broken bones, migraines (that have also had me wishing I were dead, because my head is pounding so hard I feel it might just explode!), food poisoning, insect stings, and a lot of other potentially life-threatening ailments, but the cold ALWAYS gets me!
I’m always caught unaware (well, who isn’t?), and no matter how much I attempt to pump myself with (prescribed) medication, it just doesn’t seem to go away. Not until it has battered my body into succumbing (and quite possibly admitting) to its “great power”, does it release its hold over me, and take leave of my body. And there I lie, still perspiring heavily, still coughing and wheezing – although a lot less now – and lying o sweat-soaked sheets, smiling wearily at the thought that I have overcome this annoying illness…

Little do I know that the cold just left me, very likely of its own will, having taken all that it needed from my now frail body, and shall be back to attack it again in a couple of months…. Oh, but I stand guard! And I shall be ready!… Or will I??? :-/


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