#oneaday, Day 12: You Snooze, You Lose…?

I was finally able to make it to work today… Even though I’m not 100% better, I felt it was worth a try… And boy, did I try!

My alarm is usually set well in advance (couple of days…), and every other day I counter-check  ensure I didn’t hit the OFF button instead of the SNOOZE… See, the thing is, I’m not a morning person… (YAWN!) No matter how early I set the alarm for, I will always find an excuse to “snooze” the alarm a couple of minutes – normally five-minute INTERVALS. And I stress intervals because I do not think one can actually enjoy only just five extra minutes of sleep in a warm bed, instead of getting up and having water pounding down your back in the shower!

So there I lay, in the deep warmth of my lovely Queen-size bed, constantly snoozing the alarm, in five-minute intervals, and just warily deciding on what time I waned o wake up… And then it started raining! I nearly wished I was still ill! But then I thought, would I really be enjoying this if I were ill? Definitely not. So enjoy it, I did! I turned my alarm off (no more snooze for me!) and snuggled even deeper under the covers, to await the sound of the final drops of rain on the roof, and the sun on some sun outside my window…

I had an hour! Oh, and what a wonderful hour it was! When I eventually got up, I felt like I’d just rested for a full day! Who ever coined that phrase, ‘You snooze, you lose’? I know I didn’t, and I want another one of those mornings!


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