It’s the little things that really count…

Nairobi skyline.

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The past week has been a pretty good one for me; I’ve met three guys who each did one really kind thing for me that I will not be inclined to forget.
I’ll call them my knights in shining armor, because they certainly saved this distressed damsel!

Knight #1: We met at a high-end bar in one of the upmarket areas of Nairobi. I don’t like meeting people, especially guys, in bars. It also didn’t help that I was alone; in my part of the world, a lot of the time when a young woman is out in a bar on her own, it’s hurriedly assumed that she is a “lady of the evening”… Basically awaiting some company… I have perfected my “withering” stare to keep these assuming “gentlemen” at bay!
Back to my knight… Wil was a perfect gentleman, offering me a seat when I opted to stand at the bar after I’d danced myself silly to some good music I’d not heard in a long time, and was cooling off with a light refreshment.
He tried to start conversation with me but I wasn’t forthcoming, mainly due to the conclusion I’d drawn from seeing a lot guys that start conversation with women in bars and/or clubs. He was persistent (though quite gentlemanly about it, if I may say so!), and eventually got me to give him my name, and after a few words of conversation I agreed to dance with him… At a arm’s length of course! I can be quite conservative…
I was having such a good time, but I knew the night had to come to an end, so I proceeded to say my goodbyes. He offered to give me a ride. I said no; it certainly wouldn’t be the right thing for me to leave the club with this guy I just met… What if he was a serial killer?! He read my mind! LOL! And honestly, this doesn’t ever happen to me, and I can’t explain why (probably because I as a little skeptical about the taxi drivers hanging around the bar), but I let him drive me back to my hotel.

We were lost for nearly forty minutes! I should point out that I’d only arrived in Nairobi pretty late the night before, and had not had a chance to take in the guesthouse where I was staying, as I’d had a very busy day from as early as six, til about five that evening, after which I had proceeded to feed myself, and later relocated to this nice-looking bar; I couldn’t possibly remember what my hotel looked like!

We eventually found the place. My battery was dead, but I was fortunate to have the owner’s business card in my pocket (just in case I land into such similar situations! LOL!), so we called him, nd we finally made it there.
Wil came in to have a look at the place, and immediately “decided” wouldn’t be staying there because I wasn’t getting my money’s worth (more on that later), and proposed that I stay at his house. Of course I was not too big on this idea as we’d only just met, so I politely turned him down. He then offered to take me to view another place that provided much bigger accommodation at half the price. I agreed, after all, he had proven to be safe during the night, he wouldn’t “attack” me during the day…. Or would he???

He proved to be a real gentleman, and a reliable and patient person, as he came to pick me up at the hotel, and proceeded to drive me to see some places that he thought were better (and cheaper) than where I was staying. He was right! I decided on a place. He then showed me around the area, which was pretty much in the neighbourhood where he lives; we hang out at his house for a couple of hour. It was immaculate… I watched a couple of movies while he went out to deal with work issues; the fact that he was trusting enough to let me stay in his house, and leave me with his keys while he was out (and our numerous conversations about meeting and befriending strangers) convinced me that he was “safe” enough to hang around. I stayed at his house the entire length of my trip. And it was worth it, because I now know I have a trusted friend 🙂


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